Sat. Aug 13th, 2022
Families and dancers mingle shortly after the Winter Concert. The concert was a triumph for the dance department here at LRHS.

The LRHS Dance Department had their Winter Concert this past Thursday and Friday, December 15 and 16, in the LRHS Auditorium.  This concert featured all of the dance classes from first semester.

There is no doubt that the concert was a triumph, as almost everyone there seemed to love it.  Karen, mother of a prospective LRHS student/dancer, said that she loved the performance and the dancers, but she especially enjoyed the choreography made by the dancers themselves.  I also loved the choreography done by the dancers, especially on the solos/duos.  Those dances really showed the talent of the dancers, as they had to choose the music, make the dances, and then do them.

Mr. Baker, another viewer, said that he enjoyed the concert very much, but what he really loved was the music choice and the light crew that made up the backbone of the show.  I also immensely enjoyed the light crew, as they really highlighted whomever was currently dancing, and also exemplified the mood of the song playing at the that time.

The music choice was also extremely modern and decent, as the dancers chose their own songs.  Terra Fox, mother of the dancer Kim Fox, said that she loved the show and the dancing was amazing.  Fox also loved the rest of the art programs here at LRHS.

The concert was a hit with the audience, but the dancers also seemed to enjoy it.  Maria Cain, senior, said that the concert was fun and was a chance for all of the dancers at LRHS to come together and perform.  Cain also said that since all of the dancers feel connected, it makes for a really great show.

Overall, the show was a smash hit among both the audience and the dancers who were performing it, and will be a favorite for Baker, Cain, Fox and Karen for months to come.

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