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‘Tis the season for Winterfest

Above: Winterfest Audition flyers like this one are posted around the school hallways for passerbys to observe. Flyers include an option of auditioning for an emcee or performance spot.

On Tuesday, December 13, the Senior Class Council will host their annual auditions for the Winterfest Assembly. School leaders decided to alter the application process to better fit this year’s theme: the worldwide web.

The decision on an internet theme was made by a majority vote of the Senior Class Council. Under the supervision of Jill Beaver and Jennifer Brammer, the Council will attempt to create a series of performances based on this year’s theme for the Winterfest Assembly.

The acts and the emcees will ultimately determine the structure of the Winterfest Assembly. Although the Assembly is still in the early stages of planning, the Council says that it will include references to Google, Facebook and other famous websites.

The assembly will require a staff of experienced emcees and performances to wow the crowd and to promote the seasonal Winterfest dance.

Any student may apply for a spot in the assembly. Informational flyers decorate portions of the hallway to remind passer-bys to sign up.

To apply for any position, interested students must pick up a sheet from rooms 151, 255 or 223. They can return forms to any of those teachers once a student fills out an application.

Sign-up sheets will give performers a choice to audition either for a performance slot or an emcee slot.

In the past, students could only choose one of the two types of slots. This year, though, the Council has decided that the acts who get rejected will be able to try out for the other one when rejected.

Emcees are actors who perform the skit that connects all of the acts into the Winterfest Assembly. Auditions for both positions will take place in the Blackbox room at 2:30 p.m. on December 13 (for performers) and on December 20 (for emcees).

“We are expecting around three groups to tryout for the emcee slots,” said Brammer. “That is around 6-8 students. Of those students, we will accept two or three to perform in the assembly.”

Advisors will pick all of the slots in the assembly and the Council will focus on connecting the skits. The assembly and all performances should be school appropriate.

“We’re looking forward to a great Winterfest Assembly this year to kick off the dance,” said Brammer.


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