Political club: stepping it up

Members of the political club discuss their ideals during a Political Club meeting.
Members of the political club discuss their ideals during a Political Club meeting.

Leesville’s Political Club had its fifth meeting on Tuesday, November 29. They watched about half of the movie W and finished the film the next day.

While watching the film, an unexpected announcement blared through the intercom and informed everyone that for the following hour they would be testing the fire alarm. The meeting came to an abrupt end.

“We all popped so much popcorn…I was so disappointed; I was really into the movie and the fire alarm kept distracting all of us. We decided to finish the film on Thursday, so it wasn’t too bad,” Nathan Wright, senior, said.

While Leesville’s Political Club can have relaxed meetings with movie days, they also have thought-provoking debates on controversial topics. Each member is expected to prepare for the debate before the meeting.

“This club is very interesting because we get to hear other people’s views and interpretations on the government and how it should work. We also believe it is important to help out the school and give back as much as we can,” Wright explained.

Leesville’s events are taken head-on by the Political Club members. The members help out as much as they can. Members volunteered at the blood drive by giving students passes back to class and preparing drinks and snacks to prevent the students from getting light-headed after donating.

Leaders of the Political Club have several possible service projects planned for the future. They plan to help out in the coat drive later this year.

The next meeting is on December 13; new members are always welcome.


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