Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
Kristen Nelson, junior, stands next to her decked out car. Nelson says her car’s decorations help her get in the spirit for Christmas, her favorite holiday.

As the much anticipated break grows nearer, many students at Leesville are breaking out Christmas decorations and reviving yearly traditions. For many students, Christmas decorations are a fun way to jazz up normal school days and get excited for the winter break.

Lane Hering, junior, covers her car with decorations and has other traditions as preparation for Christmas.

“I drive a minivan, so I put as much on there as I can to deck it out. I have magnets, stickers, reindeer antlers and a red [Rudolph] nose on my car.”

Kristen Nelson, junior, also decorates her car with reindeer antlers and a Rudolph reindeer nose.

“The decorations really put me in the Christmas spirit and help me get excited for Christmas. I also listen to Christmas music and have snowflakes all over my room, as well as a peppermint-scented scent portable hanging from my car from Bath and Body Works,” said Nelson.

And as a tradition, Hering listens to only Christmas and holiday music from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Both say they love the cold weather and the togetherness that Christmas brings.

“I love the Christmas spirit, and when it gets cold outside, it’s just great to see everyone and have a lot of fun together,” said Hering.

Claire Coward, junior, also has a tradition for Christmas. She wears Christmas socks every day from Dec. 1 to Christmas Day, Dec. 25, and has had that ritual for three years. Other traditions she has with her family, such as ice skating on Christmas Eve, help her get in the mood for Christmas.

“I love the spirit and the decorations and everything that goes with Christmas,” said Coward.

The decorations and traditions that students at Leesville take part in are a major element of the Christmas spirit.


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