PSAT — an immeasurable experience


On Wednesday October 12, Leesville High School sophomores and some juniors participated in the PSAT.

The PSAT offers a different test-taking experience than other standardized tests, such as the EOCs. The test is designed to help sophomores prepare for the SAT and juniors qualify for scholarships.

Matt Cesari, sophomore, said, “At first the PSAT was intimidating, but then I took it, and it was pretty easy.” The foreign test-taking experience didn’t seem to phase him. “I actually kind of liked it, it was definitely not what I was used to.”

“I was not even able to finish one of the sections, and the person next to me was really annoying,” said an anonymous student.

Despite being intimidating or difficult, the value of taking the PSAT is immeasurable towards one’s SAT scores. The PSAT is designed to help prepare students for the SAT,  the all-important test for those who want to go to the college of their dreams.

Brian Campoli, junior, said, “I took it to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship.” When asked if it was easier than the first time, Campoli agreed and also added, “It will help me prepare for the SAT.”

Most students who do well on the PSAT also score well on the SAT, according to College Confidential, a website that informs students about colleges and things they need to know for college.

However, as one anonymous upperclassmen said, “I did well on the PSAT, but then I completely bombed the SAT because I thought it would be easy.”


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