Lady Antebellum’s third album reviewed

Lady Antebellum came into the music scene in 2009. They won five Grammy Awards last year.
Lady Antebellum came into the music scene in 2009. They won five Grammy Awards last year.

Lady Antebellum, contemporary country trio, released their third album on September 13. In the past, their close-to-home lyrics and incredible harmonies touched people of all ages. “Need You Now,” was a hard hitting single released in 2009, setting the bar extremely high for this group.

The group released “Just a Kiss,” on May 2, to preview the album. It’s a semi-slow song, about not rushing into love and made Billboard chart history. Because of lyrics, “I don’t wanna mess this thing up, I don’t wanna push too far,” this song can be enjoyed by all groups, young and old.

Lady A also released the title track “We Owned the Night” on August 6. The song’s strong lyrics describe a fearless love that ends quickly and leaves their hearts yearning for more. The song is reminiscent of being young and having the time of your life.  “We Owned the Night” is similar to “Need You Now” in the way it creates an “on top of the world” feeling.

Lady A displayed a different side through an uptempo, rock beat called “Friday Night.” The song could be an anthem for teenagers. The lyrics electrify fun Friday nights, by using analogies that bring the song to life, “I wanna be your lemonade in the shade, Money in your pocket cause you just got paid babe.” Co-lead vocalist, Hillary Scott doesn’t sound great, but her voice just channels the lyrics.

“Dancing Away With My Heart” is similar to “Friday Night” in the way that teenagers could easily relate to it. The song is about looking back on a magical night, and wanting to go back to it.

“Cold as Stone,” is a deep song, that one could expect from lady Antebellum. Lyrics such as,  “I wish I didn’t have this heart, Then I wouldn’t know the sting of the rain,” include beautiful harmonies that make the words sound real. Though the song is directed to an older age group, anyone who has experienced loss will appreciate the words.

“We Owned the Night” and “Just a Kiss” will never be forgotten, but songs like “When You Were Mine” and “As You Turn Away” fade behind the more memorable songs. There are a few too many mid-tempo songs that do not stand out and could be easily overlooked.

Lady Antebellum’s new album is not impressive as a whole. While some songs shine through, there’s a majority that are soon to be forgotten. With the raw talent that this group contains, I expected more from “Own the Night.”


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