Hering hopes for Ultimate Frisbee club at Leesville

With his plans for an Ultimate Frisbee club, Carter Hering, sophomore, hopes to sling-shot Leesville into a league of Wake County Ultimate Frisbee teams.

The league comprises of clubs from Wake County schools, which compete against each other. Schools with clubs include Wakefield, Sanderson, Enloe and Millbrook.

“There seems to be a lot of interest,” said Hering, “and since it’s a non-contact sport, it’s open to everybody.”

Peter Marino, sophomore, said, “ I would definitely be interested. That [an ultimate frisbee team] would be awesome. We have some great athletes, so we’d be pretty competitive. Also, a lot of people really enjoy Ultimate Frisbee.”

The club would meet on the lower football practice field, down from the tennis courts. As with any sport, there is a slight risk of injury, so anyone looking to participate would be required to sign a waiver.

As for getting the club off the ground, Hering has asked James Hardy, his sports marketing teacher, to be the teacher advisor. “My guidance counselor approved it, but I still need to meet with Ms. Golden, the administrator in charge of clubs. I spoke with the guy who started the Enloe club three years ago, and he gave me some pointers. Hardy has said he would think about it but said that we (Gunnar Nuxoll and I) should ask other teachers about co-leading it.”

Hering believes that Leesville is behind in making a club simply because the activity of Ultimate Frisbee has been spreading, but our school never really became interested.

“I’ll try to make the meetings on days different from the other clubs, to make sure more people can make it,” said Hering. “We will hang out after school and play some Ultimate. In March or April, we will have a tournament with the other Cap-8 schools with clubs. I’m really hoping to have it [the club] up by Christmas break. We will accept anyone who wants to play some Ultimate.”


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