Girls at Leesville paint faces

Eva Paci, sophomore, applies make up in the bathroom between classes.
Eva Paci, sophomore, applies make up in the bathroom between classes.

For most girls, make up is considered “daily routine.” Some girls use it because they feel they’re not “normal” if they don’t, some believe they need it to be attractive, and others use it strictly to get the attention of males. When dealing with certain guys, make up is exactly what they want to see, but some would rather see natural beauty.

“It’s fine if you wanna wear a little, but don’t cake it on to the point where you can tell the difference in color between your face and your neck,” said Laurent Tshiunza, sophomore.
According to a study done by SmartGirl Surveys,  the majority of girls wear make-up every day, and only 8% of the girls who participated never wear make-up.
These girls also said that wearing make-up makes them feel prettier and more confident. Only a small portion said that make-up made them feel more self-conscious or not good enough.
“I wear make-up everyday to make me look and feel better, but I try not to put a ton on,” said Bess Mercer, sophomore.
When challenged to go a day without make-up, a majority of girls rejected the idea. Some, however, say that make-up is not such a necessity that they would feel different without it.
“I could go a day without [make-up], and I have. I wear it for me, and if I don’t feel like wearing it, I won’t,” said Eva Paci, sophomore.
Although almost 90% of the girls in the study shown above wear make-up everyday, more than half of those same girls said that they would not consider permanent make-up. If you’re spending countless dollars on make-up a year, and willing to take the time out of your days to put it on, one might wonder why a permanent option would be out of the question. When questioned on why they would be opposed to the idea, the girls said that they would like to change their look from day to day, and this would eliminate that.
Though the reasons are different, the majority of high school girls use make-up each day.


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