Fri. Aug 19th, 2022
The Environmental club introduced Umstead Park to many of its members. They discussed the effect of humans on the natural world. Photo courtesy of Jeewoo Park.

The Environmental Club held its first outing of the year at Umstead Park, Tuesday, November 8. To display the effect of man made obstacles on habitats, they hiked the airport overlook trail. The club introduced Umstead park to many club members who were unaware of the nearby environment.

During the hike, Sam Freeze, president, spoke about habitat fragmentation around Umstead because of the surrounding airport and main roads. The group discussed wildlife conservation corridors, or alternate ways of crossing these obstacles, as a possible solution to the issue.

The club observed the changing colors of the leaves and took pictures of the scenes. Freeze pointed out various plants, and they frequently stopped to study worms.

Kaitlyn Oliphant, senior, said, ”It was interesting to see your own race taking over the entire Earth.”

She added, “It kinda got me thinking about how [humans] are the dominant ones, and we’re completely abusing our power.”

The club plans to have speakers such as scientists and natural sciences experts at their future meetings. Freeze hopes to plan a field trip to the water treatment plant to see the cycle of our water.

The club plans to meet Tuesday, December 13. They are also currently planning multiple service projects for the upcoming year. Leesville is anxious to see what the Environmental club has in store this year.

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