Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

The Leesville men’s varsity basketball team has high hopes for the 2011-12 season.

Kris Sherrod, junior, said, “I’m really looking forward to the season. We should have a lot of talent.”

Mr. Roderic Brewington, the head coach, agreed. He said, “I am very optimistic about this season.”

Last year the team did not have their best season with a record of 3-15. With new talent coming in and older players stepping up their game, the team should bring a whole different aspect.

“Last year the team consisted of kids who treated it as a hobby,” Brewington said.  “But this year everyone is really committed with probably about 90% of the team wanting to play at a collegiate level.”

“We have a better understanding with our coach. We can talk to him and really get to work on what needs to be worked on,” said Michael Adams, a senior.

Reggie Jones, a new junior from Sanderson, said, “I really like the basketball team here. Everyone is friendly and there is good chemistry throughout the team. I expect us to win.”

Arkell Kenney, junior, practices skills during tryouts. The first basketball game is November 22 at home against Apex.

Sherrod said, “If we work together and we work hard, we are going to do good.”

With new talent and hard work, this year’s varsity basketball season will hopefully be a successful one.


By Anne Cushman, senior editor, 2012-13

Anne Cushman is a staff writer for The Mycenaean and resides in North Carolina. Her hobbies include petting horses, hang-gliding, and soccer. Some of her numerous aspirations are to climb Mount Everest, kayak the Colorado River, and write well. Also, she loves One Direction.

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