Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Even though there are no federal laws for or against it, most people will stop giving out candy when someone giant and with a 5 o’clock shadow comes to their door and asks for free candy.  At this point it is no longer trick or treating, but something more along the lines of intimidate and treat.

Candy is one of the main symbols of Halloween. Some believe that teenagers are too old to trick or treat, the main part of Halloween.

Some communities even have laws that prevent anyone over 12 to trick or treat.  While I can understand the thinking behind these laws, I believe that anyone under 18 should be able to trick or treat, as they are not yet adults.

Ask any kid what their favorite holiday is, and I’ll bet that Halloween is going to be the second one, after Christmas.  What’s not fun about free candy?  Especially if you can go trick or treating with your friends.

Now that we are all in high school, I believe that most are questioning themselves whether or not they are “too old” to go trick or treating.  However, there is no age limit!

Now, for all the concerned parents, ask yourself this: Would you rather your teen was going around your neighborhood getting candy with their friends, or with those same friends off at some party?  So teens, it’s your choice.  Candy or Party?



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