Yopop; yummy but unimpressive

Photo courtesy by Hellen Phillips
Photo courtesy by Hellen Phillips

A new self serve frozen yogurt store, Yopop, just opened in Little Brier Creek, near Pei Wei.  

Similar to Yogurt Mountain, Yopop has 14 different flavors of frozen yogurt and 38 toppings. The yogurt varies from chocolate and red velvet to fruitier kinds, such as mango and pomegranate. The toppings include fresh fruit, chocolate and sour candy, and other assorted sweets.

The store has a charming interior: a white, yellow and orange theme with matching chairs and tables. Flowers were placed around the store to brighten the place and add hints of color.

The frozen yogurt had a thick and creamy taste, and the fresh fruit as a topping added a burst of flavor. Cheaper than other yogurt stores in the area, Yopop costs only 39 cents per ounce.

The process to buy yogurt at Yopop is the same at Yogurt Mountain. As you enter the store, you are handed a small cup to use as a taste-tester. There are larger cups on the side of the store, which, using a lever, you can fill with any flavor of yogurt. Once that is done, you can add toppings to your yogurt and place it on the scale to pay.

Yopop is a delicious yogurt store, but can’t even compare to Yogurt Mountain. Yopop is one store out of at least four or five frozen yogurt stores in a small area, and doesn’t have any unique characteristics to make it stand out when compared to others.

While the yogurt may be good and the store may be attractive, Yopop has no distinguishing features that make it better than other yogurt stores.


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