Twitter: a high school student’s perspective

Photo courtesy of Sarah Bush
Photo courtesy of Sarah Bush

Twitter is a social-networking site that people use for a variety of reasons. Some use it to learn about people’s opinions on popular topics, tell others what they’re doing, communicate with friends, or spread information.

Many students at Leesville have an active Twitter (meaning they have tweeted in the last week or so).

To “follow” someone means that all of their tweets are shown in your news feed.

Gaining followers is something to be proud of to Monet Miller, junior. “I have over 400 followers. I get about five new followers a day, and I love it. It makes me feel like people care about what I’m saying. I love Twitter. I’m pretty sure I’m addicted.”

Miller is a severe twitter-addict. She has 18,479 tweets and counting. She joined Twitter in December of 2010. Averaging 250 tweets everyday, Miller makes sure to keep her followers busy.

“You can tweet about anything. It’s like a million Facebook statuses, and if someone doesn’t like what you tweet or how much you tweet, they can just unfollow you,” Miller said.

Twitter is a great way to keep other students informed about important topics.

Cami Burns, senior, uses Twitter to spread information about a Christian club she is involved in, Younglife. “Twitter is a great way to let people know the time and place of Younglife. It is much better than trying to send out a mass text because it would be very hard to get everyone’s number. People can retweet [making someone’s tweet appear on your newsfeed so your followers see it and the information spreads] my tweets about Younglife so more people are informed.”

Twitter enables people to only see the tweets of the people they follow.

“It’s more efficient than Facebook because you only see what you want to see, but on Facebook you see all of your “friends’” posts, even if you don’t really care about them. Twitter lets you follow who you want,” said Burns.

There are some students who don’t like Twitter.

Eva Paci, sophomore, said, “Another social network would be distracting for school. I have friends that are constantly on Twitter, and I just think it’s stupid and a waste of time.”

Twitter is a great way to spread information and tell others’ what you’re doing. It’s very easy to sign up and find people you know. If you don’t abuse it, Twitter can be very beneficial and enjoyable. People are joining Twitter everyday and it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends.


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