The return of House

Everyone’s favorite drug addict doctor returned to Fox for a seventh season on Monday, October 3. 

Gregory House is now in jail, a year after driving a car through the wall of his ex-girlfriend’s house. His parole is five days away, and any infraction would leave him with an extra four months locked up.

House remains addicted to Vicodin due to his leg pain. His daily dose is constantly requested by gang leader Mendelson, leaving him suffering from withdrawal.

House, while in the prison clinic, hears a doctor misdiagnosing one of the inmates. He quickly intervenes, and within two minutes has insulted the doctor’s intelligence and identified the inmate’s case to be lupus. But as fans know, for House, it can never be lupus, so he spends his remaining time in jail trying to diagnose this man’s case as it becomes more and more interesting.

However, a year has also passed on the outside, but viewers do not hear anything from the world outside of House’s prison. It will probably be a while before viewers hear about anything from the outside world, with House’s masochistic tendencies ever prolonging his sentence.

It is nice to see House’s original personality back; the entertainment stems from his socially unacceptable interactions with his mental inferiors and patients, rather than the soap opera that the show was last season.

There is a “Wilson” counterpart (A.K.A. House’s detached conscience) this time under the identity of Dr. Adams, who leads him to the final diagnosis by fighting him the majority of the way until he finally wins her over to his unethical yet ingenious perspective.

The bottom line is that House fans will continue to watch the show to see where the program ends up. It no longer has any value to anyone that hasn’t been watching the show for more than at least one season. Those looking to start watching House should start from the beginning, when the show was about more than just House, it focused on the patient.

The glory days of House were its first three or four seasons. Lately it has become quite ironic that Gregory House, the man known for his ability to read people, has become very predictable.

So yes, this episode did leave some spontaneity to be wanted, as the writers continue to try harder and harder to make the show take an unexpected turn, which is becoming the only thing one can expect while watching an episode of House.


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