Spirit Week repetitive for a reason

Because of possible racial and/or cultural offenses, our executive council had a difficult time coming up with any new ideas for Spirit Week themes and has to use ridiculous ones like Disney. Even though this is only my second year at Leesville, I already see a pattern during Homecoming Week.

For example, take Monochromatic Monday from last year.  Doesn’t that seem almost exactly the same as this year with “classic movie day,” also known as “monochromatic black or white day?”  Taking something from one theme and changing the same day to adapt to the new is what must be done because of school dress codes and such.

Next, let’s look at Tacky Tourist Tuesday.  Even though the order was slightly changed this year, I’m fairly certain that “Going to Disney” is the exact same thing, again simply changed because of possible code violations.

Last year, Wednesday was movie character day, which is much like this year’s good vs evil.  Walking through the halls of the school, I see plenty of superheroes and villains, which have their own movies most of the time, so this day accomplishes kids dusting off last year’s costumes to wear this year.

Thursday, the penultimate day, was “geek” themed last year, and black or white day this year.  Geeky is the most original of all of the days, except for my favorite of the days that was denied, Pirate.

The final day, Friday, is always Green-out, which is our school’s way of showing the most school spirit.  This is actually my favorite day of the week, because I love how our school lives up to the “loonies” title and goes crazy.

One of the possible days was a “gender-swap” day where guys dress as girls and girls as guys.  Sarah Martin, executive council member, thought that the idea was great, but would most likely not be allowed, so exec. didn’t even bother bringing it to the administration.

All in all, I believe that our school regulations need to allow more when it comes to fresh ideas for Spirit Week, as days that aren’t “offensive,” are few and far between.  Unfortunately for us, executive council has many ideas, but most are impertinent and not brought to the light of day, or are shot down by administration.


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