Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
Many believe that a good score on the SAT will help you be accepted into colleges.  This is true.

orehead_MySister’sSATThe SAT is one of the most important tests a student will ever take. Many companies make a profit selling books that promise to increase your score.

However, the SAT is not actually a great predictor of success for the person who does well on it.

While there is a small correlation between a good SAT score and doing well in college your first year, the success you experienced actually correlates with many other signs of success such as higher household income, higher ranking high schools, and college educated parents (Jessie Rothstein, Prinction University SAT Predictions). The correlation between high school grades and first semester college grades increases when SAT scores are added in, showing that the higher your score on the SAT, the more likely you are to succeed in college (Wikipedia, Function 1).  In support of the claim that higher ranking high schools have better SAT scores and more students bound for college, see this article that describes how people with higher SAT scores go on to college more than those with low SAT scores (Newsweek, Chart/paragraph).

Even though it is a nationally accepted exam, the SAT is not actually that great when it comes to evaluating performance, which can vary depending on your school and courses you take.  Many colleges do have a minimum SAT score, simply achieving this score does not guarantee your collegiate success.  This shows that the SAT is used to determine readiness for college (leading hopefully to success) and really doesn’t serve much of a purpose beyond that.

Once this minimum is met, the college no longer needs to review your SAT score, as courses and extra-curriculars are much more important, as they show your success during high school, which will hopefully translate into success in college.  Larger schools also care more about testing scores, while smaller, private schools really look at the scope of your application and academic success.

When popular opinion is reviewed, it becomes obvious that a good SAT score is helpful in being successful, but not always.  .

In conclusion, the SAT is a useful tool when used to determine your high school success, and can be used as a predictor for success in college.  This is important as the SAT is taken in high school and can give you an indication of whether you will be able to handle the college you wish to attend.

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