Chris Murphy joins the Pride

Christopher Murphy joined Leesville Road’s ranks as the new chair of the special programs department at the young age of twenty-eight. He is looking forward to the school year and the experience that comes with it.

Murphy grew up in the small town of Torrington, Connecticut, roughly twenty-five miles from Hartford. He enjoyed playing hockey and loved to watch the Hartford Whalers compete.

When the Whalers became the Hurricanes and moved to Raleigh, Murphy followed them and made a new life for himself.

Murphy still purchases tickets to view his favorite franchise win. “The team is still fun to watch. I, actually named my pet hedgehog ‘Stormy’ [after the mascot],” said Murphy.

Now as an adult, Murphy enjoys playing defense man for local adult hockey teams in his spare time. He migrates north to spend time with his parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece during his summer break.

Murphy married Katherine Murphy on July 30 and became a husband. This couple met each other several years ago at Ligon Middle School. Murphy and his wife worked together as teachers under Mr. Scott Lyons for a year-and-a-half.

“Mr. Lyons is a great guy, and he is really spirited and excited about his job,” said Murphy. “It helps to work under somebody like him.”

Murphy lost his mentor when Lyons transferred to Leesville Road in 2009. After two years, Murphy decided to pursue higher ambitions and applied for the special programs chair position at Leesville.

“I wanted some high school teaching experience,” said Murphy. “I also was determined to work towards my NC State administrative internship with Mr. Lyons.”

So far, Murphy has enjoyed his time at the school.

“I just really like the energy,” said Murphy. “My first experience with the Pride was the home football game. People just seem really upbeat and positive. Having a spirited student body makes for a warm welcoming as a teacher.”

Murphy’s welcoming would have to wait, though. He returned home from his honeymoon only two weeks before school began. In order to prepare for the awaiting school year, Murphy buckled down and started his paperwork.

Murphy, while crammed for time, kept a firm idea of what he wanted to accomplish this school year.

“I want to focus on listening to feedback from the department and implementing new ideas that are suggested by the staff and the students,” said Murphy.

Murphy hopes to improve the school with his own excitement and spirit. As a chair member, Murphy promises to work hard to help the community better understand the special programs department.

He plans to approach students in a friendly manner and help them enjoy their time at Leesville. Murphy believes that this approach would help integrate the school and improve Leesville as a whole.

“For me its just approaching students with a smile and a greeting and being respectful. If you don’t respect them, then they won’t respect you,” said Murphy. “I also want to try to talk to students who I don’t teach. I am easy to talk to if they need it.”

As Murphy looks forward to the rest of the school year, he focuses on the task at hand.

“Positive outlook. Continue staying positive and doing what we need to do to help the students learn and find a passion in the material is the best course of action.”


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