Leesville shows Milbrook who is boss, improves record

The Leesville Pride varsity football team dominates on the field in a classic Friday night game.
The Leesville Pride varsity football team dominates on the field in a classic Friday night game.

Friday, October 14, the Leesville Road varsity football team further established itself as one of the greatest threats in the CAP-8 conference by defeating Millbrook 56 to 24.

With the win, Leesville’s record remains untarnished at 8-0.

The Pride started well with a touchdown 19 seconds into the game, scored by D.J. Hunt.

“The game was awesome. Millbrook is a good team, but we have speed, and that’s really hard to beat,” said Nick Holthouse, junior.

Millbrook retaliated when Keith Marshall, senior and running back, fought through the defense and scored at 1:51 in the first quarter. Marshall is widely touted as the number one running back prospect in the country.

“It [the game] gave me a chance to go against someone that was good. I just like competing, so I saw how I stacked up against one of the best running backs in the nation.” said Hunt, on competing with Marshall.

Leesville’s defense held Millbrook down for the entire second quarter, with the half-time score 36-10 in favor of Leesville.

Millbrook managed to score twice in the third quarter, with Leesville scoring once, the score was 43-24 at the end of the third quarter.

Leesville scored twice more in the fourth quarter, and our defense kept Millbrook down, locking in the final score at 56-24.

Brendan Lough, senior and lineman, said, “It went pretty well. We won 56-24, which is pretty good for any game. Our defense wasn’t doing too well in the beginning, but we’re working on that.”

Our Pride played well on both offense and defense. Both Austin Berrios, senior and quarterback,  and D.J. Hunt, running back, scored multiple touchdowns.

“It was tough at first, but once the offense got going, the game opened up pretty well. I knew we were going to win going into the game, but I was pleased by how many points we put up and how our defense ended up playing,” said Berrios.


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