Leesville seniors begin application process

Lauren Paige Aiken, senior, fills out a college application. Starting the application process before school starts was a smart decision for Aiken, as applying to 19 schools is not only stressful, but very time consuming.

Leesville seniors are applying to a variety of colleges and are nervously anticipating a reply. Several schools both out of state and in state have deadlines in October for Early Action/ Early Admission, such as NC State. Many seniors have felt the pressure to send in their applications on time and have been stressed out in the application process.

“To me the process feels stressful. It’s the anticipation and the worrying that gets you,” said Ashley Nguyen, senior.

Yet while nervous for the reply, Nguyen is excited for college.

“I’m applying to State, UNC, UNCW, and UT Austin. The most unique one is probably UT Austin. I lived in Texas for a while, and I’ve been really interested in that university.”

Brooks Jordan, senior, is also applying to schools in state: UNC-CH, State, and Wingate.

“College applications are really stressful, but I’m excited for college and can’t wait for it,” said Jordan.

Kaigh Kevlin, senior, is applying mainly to schools out of state, such as the University of Chicago, the University of Pennsylvania, and Brown, as well as two schools in state: Duke and UNC-CH.

When asked why applying to those schools, Kevlin said, “They’re all really good schools, and I want to go out of state. University of Chicago and Brown are both known for having a quirky student body, which I like.”

Kevlin, similar to most students, is excited for college and the great experience that awaits.

“I am estatic for college. I feel like college will be the best four years of my life.”

While the application process may be stressful and burdensome, it pays off in the end. As David Wood said, “College is the best time of your life.”


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