JV Volleyball hopes to build strong team

JV volleyball during the Sept 27 game. Photo courtesy of Helen Phillips
JV volleyball during the Sept 27 game. Photo courtesy of Helen Phillips

The Leesville JV Volleyball team defeated Durham Jordan 25-4, 25-15 on Sept 27. The Pride rallied hard and had great performances from the entire team.

“The team did a lot of things well on Monday. We have three goals: be aggressive, be on our toes, and communicate. They did all of that well,” said Christie Dobbin, coach of JV volleyball.

“In the game, we did really well in communicating and had good movement,” said Marteen Hill, sophomore.

Hannah Mathis, sophomore, also thought that the team played well together.

“When we mess up, we are good at maintaining composure and pulling ourselves together,” said Mathis.

The JV Volleyball team’s record is 7-4 so far, compared to 8-8 last year. The team is hoping to beat their record from last year and improve their skills not just individually, but as a team.

“We want to win the conference, and we also want to improve our skills and communication,” said Mathis.

Hill agrees.

“We want to beat our record from last year and also improve as a team.”

Yet while the volleyball team has progressed a lot this season, there are still weaknesses the team needs to work on.

“Our main weakness is when we don’t trust our teammates to get their jobs done. When people get aggravated, we don’t play well together,” said Mathis.

Hill has a perspective different from Mathis. For Hill, sometimes the other players don’t necessarily hold up their end.

“When you play with a team on a dependent sport , you have to rely on others. It is hard when you expect other players to do what you would normally do in their place, but they might not do it because they aren’t you,” said Hill.

Yet through the ups and downs, the wins and the losses, volleyball has proved to be a rewarding experience both on and off the court.


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