French Club: Better than ever

Leesville’s French Club held its second meeting on October 18, 2011. It was led by  Alex Schuler, Aly Moser, Majid Fakhoury and Thomas Theunissen.
They watched Asterix and Cleopatra, a popular children’s cartoon in France, and discussed several plans for the future.

The club appears to be more focused and put together than ever before.

“[The French club] is a lot better than last year because the teacher takes the club much more seriously. The officers are a lot more organized and we have more control. We have a lot of fun activities planned out for the year. We are planning on having a ‘silly string’ war and re-enact the French Revolution. This year is the most fun I’ve ever had,” said Fakhoury.

Things are looking really bright for this group; more new students are joining French club every meeting. The club has about 20 members.

“We put up more posters this year than last year. The club is open to everyone, even if you aren’t in a French class. We are participating in more activities than ever before. We’re reaching out to students at school as well as the community,” Aly Moser, officer, said.

The French club is going to start selling chocolate bars to raise money.

“We hope to be able to go downtown to see Les Miserables, a French play, this spring,” Moser said.

It is obvious that French club has made several improvements, making it more beneficial and enjoyable. The next club meeting is November 1, 2011. New members are always welcome.


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