Deathly darkness of doom

Katy Huis peers deeply into the future. Photo courtesy of Alex Schuler
Katy Huis peers deeply into the future. Photo courtesy of Alex Schuler

A strange happenstance occurred while I was on a casual stroll through my high school. One second, the lights were on, the hallway was bright and cheery. The next, the hallway plunged into a deathly darkness of doom.

On October 11 at approximately 8:30 a.m., Leesville experienced a terrifying power outage, frightening many.

“I was going to the bathroom, when all of a sudden the lights flicked off. I couldn’t find the toilet paper! I was stranded in the darkness by myself, floundering about! It was terrifying,” said David Schuler, sophomore and achluophobiac.

Even the fearsome football players were startled.

“I am not scared of much, but man, when those lights went off. It brought back bad, bad memories,” said Brendan Lough with a shudder, senior and lineman on the varsity football team.

While some lily-livered students were frightened, others were furious.

“This is ridiculous. They can’t expect students to learn when the lights are flickering on and off! It is outrageous!” said Virginia Reed, senior with a short attention span. “I can’t focus as it is!”

Some students who dabble in mysticism are concerned about the power outages, saying that they are omens of what is to come.

“Darkness represents negative things. Death, destruction and violence are a few things that darkness symbolizes,” said Katy Huis, Leesville’s resident mystical dabbler. “I have a bad, bad feeling about the future.”

While some students take an ominous approach to the outages, others take a more scientific one.

“They might be weather related,” said Mr. Brewington, a bored, logical administrative intern.

Huis, in response to this, was cynical.

“You can believe whatever you want, but let this come as a warning: the darkness will catch those who mock its omens,” warned Huis.

Beware fellow Leesville students, beware.


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