Countdown to lacrosse begins

On Wednesday, September 28, the men’s lacrosse team hosted their first official meeting in the health room after school.

Athletes from every grade level joined Coach Jeremy Fullbright to discuss preparations and plans for the upcoming season.

“We set this meeting up to gather the necessary information and see who is interested,” said Fullbright. “I wanted to get a good overview of our situation and see what we, as a team, needed to do to make this season more successful.”

During the gathering, Coach Fullbright covered several topics concerning the requirements for tryouts and the season.

Students interested in trying out must purchase their own helmets, gloves, pads, stick, game shorts and pennies before tryouts begin on February 13.

“Athletes must achieve a certain time in both the mile and the 400-meter dash for certain positions,” said Fullbright.

Through tryouts, coaches hope to narrow the field of selection down to a well-balanced varsity squad of roughly thirty players. This team will go on to play a total of sixteen regular-season games and two scrimmages.

Officials are currently working on a schedule and a set of schools to play in the conference.

“Right now, the conference will consist of all CAP-8 schools, Garner and South-East Raleigh,” said Fullbright.

Students who clear tryouts will become Leesville’s first ever lacrosse team.

“We know that there is only one chance for a first impression,” said Peter Marino, sophomore. “We will work hard to show the school that we can be a competitive program to match others.”

To gain interest, Fullbright will use announcements, flyers and a core group of veteran athletes to spread the word.

For more information on the lacrosse team, students and parents can talk to Coach Fullbright in room 0216 or email him at

“As of now, our season is looking promising,” said Marino. “We have great athletes who will put in the work to dominate the hard competition of our conference.”


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