Senior royalty grace the halls

Photo courtesy of Sarah Bush
Photo courtesy of Sarah Bush

On Friday, September 23, Leesville’s halls were filled with proud seniors wearing their senior crowns. Every student at Leesville views this as a privilege just for seniors. For many years, seniors have worn their crown on the the last day of the homecoming spirit week: Green-out day.

Elena Bravo-Taylor said, “I spent about two hours on my crown. I just put as much stuff as I could on there, and I bejeweled it. All the senior girls got together and shared supplies. There were so many people there. I was excited to wear it because everyone knew I’m a senior, and I’ve been looking forward to it since freshmen year.”

The senior crowns were donated by Burger King. Luckily for this class, when seniors walked into their fourth period, the crowns were on each of their desks. Two years ago, students had to go to Burger King with a student ID and pick up the crowns themselves.

Kiana Robinson, senior, talked about her crown. “My crown was princess theme. I spent about an hour and a half on it. My mom and my boyfriend helped me with it. I  had several ideas I couldn’t choose from til the last second. Not only did we stand out from other classes, but since most of us spent so much time on our crowns, it was exciting to wear them.”

Many seniors complemented their senior crown with a specialized senior shirt, while many went along with the green-out theme. Nevertheless, every 12-grader wore their seniority proudly.

This year’s senior class was fortunate to be handed free crowns. The halls were filled with some wild, crazy crowns and some elegant, pretty ones too. The class of 2013 has a difficult act to follow.


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