Mr. Ward makes debut as assistant principal

Photo courtesy of Andrew Wendt
Photo courtesy of Andrew Wendt

On August, 25, 2011, Mr. George Ward III started his term as an Assistant Principal at Leesville Road High School.

Ward speaks very highly of Leesville’s academics. He said he decided to come to Leesville because of their “high academic standards.”

For many incoming administrators, adjusting can be stressful; however, Ward claims that his adjustment from Centennial Middle School is going smoothly. Ward said the only downside was the “sore feet” he acquired after his first day on Leesville’s larger campus.

Adjusting to upper classmen’s privileges was one of Ward’s biggest adjustments. “High school students have more privileges like off campus lunch, that is the biggest change; more freedom for the students,” said Ward

In the few minutes that she has interacted with Ward, Mrs. Christina Dotson, science department chair, said, “I like him because he has taught science before, so he knows what I’m talking about. He also seems eager to become a part of the Leesville family.”

Mr. Ward feels warmly accepted by the Leesville staff. Mrs. Kathy Flor, a seven- year-veteran at Leesville, said, “He has caught on quickly and is a hard worker.”

Flor was very impressed by Ward and complementary of his character. She especially admired his “efficiency, friendliness and approachability.”

Ward expects to impact the school greatly as the year goes on by helping teachers educate students and reducing the number of retentions.


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