Homecoming pep rally rescheduled for Senior Night

The pep rally for Leesville Road High School has been rescheduled to October 28.

Originally planned to take place at the end of the school day, the pep rally was cancelled due to inclement weather on September 23. While many students were disappointed about the cancellation of the pep rally, the postponement will hopefully provide some consolation. Additionally, October 28 is Senior Night for the Varsity Football team.

“It was never a really a matter of ‘should we reschedule the pep rally?’, it was ‘when could we?’” said Sheri Golden, an Assistant Principal at Leesville. Many students believed there wouldn’t be a pep rally.

“It’s hard to reschedule something like Homecoming because you would end up having a pep rally for nothing. A lot of kids wanted it on Monday, but it wouldn’t have served a purpose,” said Golden. “[The rescheduled pep rally] gives students an opportunity to celebrate the football team, the seniors and other groups that practiced for Homecoming. They can still perform.”

People who practiced for the pep rally, such as the cheerleaders, marching band and dance ensemble will get a chance to impress the students and faculty.

“We’re going to have to practice more to retain everything,” said Lindsey Bruening, a junior in dance ensemble.

When asked if she was disappointed about the cancellation, Bruening said, “Oh my gosh, yes. We were all crying and right after it happened a professional photographer walked in and was like, ‘Okay, time for pictures!’ but we were all too busy crying.”

Bruening’s disappointment is similar to that of Jared Robertson in the marching band.

“We’d been working on the routine for about a week and a half,” said Robertson. “We were actually on the field practicing when we found out it had gotten cancelled. We were really disappointed. But now we get to do more of a routine because we have more time to practice.”

“The pep rally is to get the students excited and to encourage pride in our school,” said Mallory Boris,  junior and varsity cheerleader, when asked about the postponement. “There’s definitely more spirit for Homecoming, but I think it can be just as fun if we try hard to get everyone involved.”

Students will definitely appreciate getting out of class in order to get excited for a home football game. With extra time for people to practice, the pep rally is guaranteed to pump everyone up.


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