Wendt spotlights Konvicts


Leesville Road High is home to all types of student: studious, carefree and even thug. However, a new breed of student is quickly gaining prominence. Konvicts, inspired in part by Akon’s 2006 album Konvicted, are subject to many stereotypes and misconceptions that cloud the true meaning of what it means to be a Konvict.

Robert “Brad” Letts, senior, when asked to define Konvict, found it hard to explain. “It’s a state of mind,” he remarked.

Because of its recent introduction into the colloquial vocabulary of Leesville, the definition of Konvict is still evolving today and carries many different connotations.

The etymology of Konvict has roots in the word “convict,” but its evolution has left much disparity between the two words. Merriam Webster defines a convict as “a person serving a usually long prison sentence.” However, the state of being a Konvict does not require an individual to engage in criminal activity. Instead, the Konvict adopts the attitude and mindset of a criminal without blemishing their legal record while maintaining a certain amount of respect for authority.

Konvicts have the ability to skirt the line of morality, appearing to be dangerous while remaining pure. They accomplish this through m

Nick Alfisi, senior and self-proclaimed Konvict, is a victim of stereotyping everyday because of his Konvict status. “Some people just don’t understand, so I let them walk in my shoes for a day. After this experience, most say that I’m like the modern day Tupac [Shakur].”

Alfisi’s connection of Konvicts and the musical world brings forth an important aspect of the stereotype. A Konvict’s musical taste is decidedly diverse and eclectic, but the majority of their library typically includes a heavy dose of either Waka Flocka Flame or J. Cole. This identification with the hip-hop world plays a major role in the attitude that Konvicts construct for themselves.

Although female Konvicts are a rare specimen, the undeniable magnetism that women feel toward male Konvicts is remarkable. An anonymous female senior and Konvict groupie commented, “I like the idea that [they] could beat me to a pulp if they wanted, but they don’t. I know that underneath their tough, polished exterior is a heart of gold.”

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American rapper and entertainer. He is most usually recognized for his long-standing rap beef with Kiley "KZA" Blades and work in the East Coast underground hip hop scene. Word Up magazine has described "The Jellyman" as a man with "ridikulus swagga and quick-witted rhymes", and his 2009 single, "Throw Ya Snuggies in da Ayer" was heavily distributed as a classic throughout the suburbs of Raleigh. Jon had the unique experience of being surrounded by noted rappers in the Raleigh area as a young child. These early encounters with hip hop led him to begin rapping at the young age of 10 in the presence of the local gang bosses who would employ "The Jellyman" to freestyle for their personal entertainment. At the age of twelve, Jonathan Wendt was recruited into the Wutang Clan, which he left after a short span of one year.


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