Senior band members finish morning rehearsals

On Thursday, May 5, Seniors in Leesvile’s symphonic band attended the last morning rehearsal of their high school careers.

Over the course of each school year, the symphonic band gathers every morning for about three or four weeks at a time. During these rehearsals, members of the band practice together under David Albert, Leesville’s band teacher..

“The extra practice time we are supplied with helps us achieve and maintain our high level of performance,” said Arik Cain, senior. “This is a key part of the day where we can improve our sound.”

Morning rehearsals begn every morning at 6:45 a.m. sharp. The band rehearses until the 7:25 bell. In that span of time, many of the students wake up to the sound of music.

The seniors who are leaving the symphonic band are generally joyful to be done.

Jae Son, senior, has been attending morning rehearsals for his entire high school career.

“As I look back after four years of this,” said Son, “I have improved significantly and I am glad to have been doing it for this long. I just can’t force my body to wake up that early again.”

While it is the end of the road for senior band members, rehearsals will still be held for future symphonic bands in the upcoming years.

“I hope the incoming students can have as much fun as I did,” said Cain. “Now that we are leaving, we will need those kids to keep the train rolling.”


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