Political Club holds food drive


Leesville’s Political Club is holding a food drive for the tornado victims of North Carolina.  The food drive began on May 18 and will end on Wednesday, May 25.

Donations of canned food and other non-perishable goods should be dropped off in the front or attendance office or in room 124.
Eli Kratt, Political Club president said, “We in the political club really relish the opportunity we have as an up-and-coming organization to make a difference through the school.”
Lauren Paige Aiken, next year’s Political Club president, proposed the idea for a food drive.
“Well we got the idea first off because my mom is on the board of the Durham food bank. A couple of days after the tornado hit this area my mom told me about how the food bank was in desperate need of more food. I thought about how I could help and the next day Eli said something about how the political club needed a service project. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to accomplish both.”
Aiken used the idea to segue into her future leadership position, however, she refused to take all the credit.
“My role was pretty much the introduction of the idea, the transportation of the food, and telling everyone I know to participate. Eli is the brains of this operation,” said Aiken.
As for next year, Aiken is still formulating ideas but hopes to continue improving upon the club.
“Plans for next year are sort of just a large accumulation of ideas right now but my main goal is to obtain a larger diversity for the club. Right now we have, give or take, two conservatives in the entire club. This makes debating and stimulating conversation difficult because we can’t gauge the effectiveness of our persuasions when we have no one to persuade. I would really like to see the club broaden its influence so that more conservative students will join.”
As for the food drive, Leesville students are encouraged to bring more food to help North Carolina tornado victims.  The drive ends May 25.



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