Leesville announces new course for 2011-12 school year

On Wednesday, May 4, Leesville students were informed that a new course called TV Programming and Broadcasting would be offered in the 2011-12 school year.

The class aims to teach students the skills necessary to create a professional video program by learning how to operate in front of and behind the camera.

Cameron Marshall, junior, made plans to sign up for the class as soon as he heard that it would be offered. “I was very excited to hear that the class was being offered because I have wanted to take a class like [TV Programming and Broadcasting] my whole career in high school.”

Glen Miura, CTE department chair, explained why the elective was not offered before. “LRHS
had a video production class a few years back,” said Miura. “We have recently posted a position for a CTE multi-media teacher as Mr. Lyons is very supportive to bring the program back.”

To gauge interest in the class, the CTE department gave a “student interest of classes survey” last fall. “Video/multimedia production was on the top of the list of what new classes students wanted,” Miura concluded via email interview.

Students should take the class if they desire a skilled education in the many aspects of television programming and broadcasting.

“I want to take [the new class] because when I get out of college I want to be a sports broadcaster,” said Marshall. “I felt that this class would look good for colleges when I tell them that I want to [major in] broadcast journalism.”

Students who wished to sign up for the class were told to return their Class Verification forms with the correct changes to Student Services by Friday, May 6.


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