Winter sports wrap-up

Leesville winter sports are at the end of their season. Wrestling, swimming, and girls and boys basketball seasons are all coming to a close and finishing their Cap 8 Tournaments. 

The varsity boys basketball team, coached by Rodric Brewington, had a tough season this year. They only won four games since the season began in November.

“I thought that we were going to be so much better than last year, but I didn’t see much improvement,” said Troy Williamson, senior on the varsity team.

Their last game was on Tuesday, February 15. It was the first game of the Cap 8 Tournament against Broughton at Broughton High School. They lost by ten points, putting them out of the tournament and ending their season.

JV basketball had a successfull season this year.

“This is one of the best seasons in men’s basketball in about seven years,” said Todd Stuart, coach of the JV boy’s team. “These kids have a great future ahead of them if they keep working hard and continuing to learn the game of basketball”.

The boys team finished up with a record of 10-7, and went 8-0 in their conference. [this may be too confusing]

The girls varsity basketball team, coached by Jay Poole, won three conference games. These ladies played a game in the Cap 8 Tournament on Tuesday, February 15. They lost to Sanderson High School, ending their season. The first Cap 8 game for them was on Tuesday, February 15, along with the boys team. They lost to Sanderson, also ending their season.

“Overall, we had a fun season,” said Alex Woods, a junior on the girl’s varsity team. “I do feel like we could have won more games then we did though. Last year, I was on JV, and varsity is just a lot more competitive.”

Swimming’s season started in November and ended in February. After a long season with practices every morning at 5:30, the Pride swim team placed first in the Cap 8 Conference Tournament. This is the third year in a row that the girl’s team has won the Cap 8.

“We had a good season this year,” said Prenessa Lowery, a sophomore on her second year with the team. “We did win the tournament, but there’s always room for improvement. Last year we were a little better because we had a lot more seniors and lost them all this year. We still had a great season overall.”

Men’s wrestling went 13 – 9 this season, which is very successful considering that the team was mostly freshman and sophomores. The team was coached by Jason Wyss. Bobby Griffin, an all-conference wrestler, made it to the State Champoinship and finished second.


JV Men’s Basketball JV Women’s Basketball Varsity Women’s Basketball Wrestling
10 – 7 15 – 2 4 – 20 13 – 9

Pride “strove for excellence” in all the winter sports this year. Some teams were very successful, and others were disappointed. As spring sports begin, winter athletes eagerly await their next season.



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