Leesville Brain Game team falls with style

The Leesville Road High School Brain Game team failed to reach the WRAL Brain Game finals on Saturday, April 2 after a furious rally came up just short, losing 460 to 450. 

The game featured a rematch with Wakefield High School, but this time with the losing team guaranteed to go home.  However, Leesville answered enough questions for a manageable potential comeback.

“We were down by at least 200 points,” said Nathan Sanders, a sophomore, “but we were pretty sure we were going to win.”

Much like the team has done this whole season, Leesville began its trademark comeback run with only two rounds to go.  Unfortunately for Meghana Shamsunder, a junior, and the rest of the team, the rally came up agonizingly short.

“I looked to my mom and dad, and they put their hands up in the air, and I thought we had won, but we lost by ten points,” lamented Shamsunder.

Sanders regrets many moments in the match that could have changed the outcome.  The team missed many opportunities to pick up valuable points.  “One science question was about distillation; everyone on the Leesville team knew [the answer], but no one rang in.  That would’ve changed the game.  I was very angry.  I don’t know how to let it out.”

Despite the loss, the Leesville team members agree on a successful season.  “Well, we did better than the team has in a long time, since 2005, even though would have liked to win,” admitted Sanders.

Now the team is already looking into next year.  “I’ve been recruiting heavily already,” said Shamsunder.  “We have Maggie; she’s pretty good at art and literature, so we’re just looking for people that are willing to work and learn at the same time.”

As for Sanders, Brain Game is still in his future no matter which school he attends.  “I don’t know what school I’ll be going to next, but I’m definitely interest in doing Brain Game again.”


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