Wake Tech Community College State Math Contest

Leesville Road High School competed in the annual Wake Tech Community College State Math Contest on Thursday, March 24 at Wake Tech Community College.

The team went through some troubles right before the competition and failed to break the top ten this year.  “I [couldn’t] go this year because of a pre-calc mid-term” said Sam Min, a sophomore.

However, even without a few members, the team decided to still compete.  The event started with preliminary announcements followed by the individual round, a 70 minute test consisting of 25 multiple choice questions along with five short answers.  “I personally thought that the test was harder this year even though a lot of people said it was about the same,” said Do Won Cha, a sophomore.

After a short lunch break, all the competitors participated in the sprints round where members from different schools are grouped with students from other schools and answer problems at a fast-paced sequence.

The groups solved a problem and then “sprinted” to turn in the solution and pick up the next problem.  “Whether you win or not really depends on who’s in your group,” said Cha.  “I didn’t get in a smart group so we did pretty bad.”  Although a small monetary prize was awarded to the winning groups, the round allows for competitors to meet students from other local schools.

The awards ceremony concluded the event where the top competitors were awarded with medals and invitations to compete in the state level contest later on.  “The team was going to leave early because they thought there was no way we could’ve won anything, but I though I was going to make the top ten,” admitted Cha.  However, much to the team’s dismay, none of Leesville members received any awards.

Overall, the team agreed the competition was a positive experience and still has high hopes for next year.  “At least we got to miss school,” said Cha, “and even though our sponsor is leaving next year, I want to register with my friends to do better next year.”


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