New benches in Leesville’s athletic circle


New benches were installed in the athletic circle the weekend of February 5 as the traditional senior gift from the class of 2010.

They were the second part of the class’s senior gift– the concrete sidewalk beside the senior wall was the first.

“The class decided on benches because as freshmen and sophomores, they never had places to sit when waiting for their parents after activities,” explained Julie Pennington, the class advisor to the seniors of last year. “They wanted to fix that.”

The senior class has donated a gift to Leesville for as long as the schools been around. Other graduating classes have donated stairs up to the parking lot, trash cans, sidewalks and statues in the courtyard, among many other things.

Each of the three benches cost around $700.

“They were pretty expensive, but that’s what the senior class wanted to donate, so we went with it,” continued Pennington.

The benches were immediately put to use and well appreciated.

“The new benches are great,” said David Schuler, freshman. “They’re awesome after a long track practice when I’m waiting for my parents to pick me up.”

That sounds exactly like the goal the seniors of last year were trying to achieve.


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