Leesville teaches Kerr-Vance how to play lacrosse


On Friday, March 11, the Leesville lacrosse team dominated Kerr-Vance Academy at an away game with an exciting 10-5 victory.

In first quarter, Leesville was first on the board, with the score tied 1-1 at the start of the second. The second quarter was nonstop excitement, with Leesville scoring seven unanswered points before Kerr-Vance managed to get on the scoreboard before the half, leaving Leesville in an overwhelming 8-2 lead.

The rest of the game was low-scoring and frustrating. The scores remained the same for the third quarter despite the Leesville fans’ anxiety. In the fourth quarter, Kerr-Vance sealed their fate by letting in two Leesville goals and only managed to return one.

Five points on the board were scored by Greg Resch, junior, who said, “I thought that [the team] played well for the second game of the season.” Another four points were added by Drew Mercer, senior. Mercer was pleased with the outcome of the game. “We [the team] did a really good job, we did what we set out to do.” He added that the only things the team needs to work on are “communicating and setting up plays.”

Though the game was relocated from the LRMS football field to RecZone, it was considered the first “home game” of the season. Leesville students and parents alike came out to support the team.

Tim Wolf, senior, felt great about the game. “We came out slow at first, but we came together as a team despite the rough conditions and were able to pull out our first win of the season in front of a very supportive home crowd.”

At Leesville, lacrosse is technically a club sport. “The team came together by word of mouth, mostly,” said Mercer. “There was some information on the Internet [about the team] and sign ups. We would have had try outs, but we only had enough interest to make a full team, so we didn’t make cuts.”

Coaching the team is Jeremy Fullbright, CTE teacher at Leesville. “[Coach] Fullbright really made the team happen,” said Resch. “He volunteered to coach and does a really great job.”

Fullbright is optimistic about the team and thinks that with a few adjustments they can go far. “ I was pleased with the outcome of the game, but there are a lot of fundamental things – ground balls, passing, catching, communicating on the field – that need to be improved upon in order for us to be successful going forward.”

To some players, the game meant more than just an afternoon of lacrosse. For Wolf, the game was in honor of a late friend. “This game was very important for me because I was playing to honor Roman Slothower, who tragically passed away seven months ago,” said Wolf. “I just went out there and gave a hundred percent to honor him as best I could.”

Leesville’s next lacrosse game will be this Saturday, March 19 at 11:00 a.m. at Baileywick Elementary.


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