College decisions: the twins edition


On June 11, seniors will all go their separate ways, but for twins, the transition to college is a big step.

Brooke and Megan Mungall, seniors and fraternal twins, have been inseparable for eighteen years. When exploring colleges, they looked at the same pool of schools and toured the same campuses together.

Yet, when it was time to make a decision, Megan decided to attend Elon University, while Brooke chose Roanoke College.

“It makes me a little uneasy because we’ve been together for so long, but I think we’re ready,” said Brooke.

When choosing to attend different colleges, both twins concurred that it was best for their growth as young adults.

“We both decided that is was the perfect time to be apart and learn how to live without each other,” said Megan. “I mean, it’s not like we can’t still talk on the phone and Skype, so nothing is really going to change.”

Although both twins are excited for college, they still feel uncomfortable about the separation. “Megan and I definitely have a connection, and I usually can sense when there is something wrong with her, so it will be difficult being so far away,” said Brooke.

While many twins have chosen to attend different schools, Jason and Kyle Holtman, seniors, are both attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“Going to Chapel Hill together wasn’t always the plan,” said Jason. “We both wanted to go, but Kyle
didn’t think I would get in.”

For Jason, rooming with his brother is definitely out of the question. “I’d rather go to another college before rooming with that kid,” he said.

For some twins, separation is welcomed with excitement and relief. Brenna Langley, senior, will be attending Appalachian State University, while her twin brother, Harris, hopes to attend North Carolina State University.

“I wouldn’t really want us to go to the same college because we really need to branch out,” said Brenna.

Brenna also believes that time away from her brother will help their relationship. “They say that when siblings spend time apart, they’ll be closer when they get back together. I really hope that’s true, because we are really starting to get a little sick of each other,” she said.

“After being together our whole lives, it will be nice to have some space apart.”


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