Tablets: the new laptops


I have watched computers shrink in size dramatically in my life time. After Apple released its thinnest laptop ever made, I finally believed designers would stop trying to shrink computers. Somehow, designers ended up combining the screen and the keyboard into a touchscreen device known as the tablet.

Tablets are the next generation of laptops. They are small, portable and simple, making them the perfect device for students looking to replace an old, chunky desktop or laptop.

While at Verizon to review my cell phone plan, I took the liberty of looking through display cases.  

I came to a part of the showcase with the newest tablets on the market. This section had everything from Apple’s iPad to Samsung’s Galaxy to Barnes & Nobles’ Nook Color.

Soon enough, an employee came over to me to ask the routine “Are you finding everything alright, sir?” I asked him what he knew about the three tablets that caught my eye.

Unfortunately, he did not know everything there was to know about the devices but referenced me to Reviews.

Of the three tablets, I liked the iPad the best. Apple has the name and the money to make the iPad a very popular device. It can appeal to students who need laptops, iPods or gaming systems.

The iPad has a bigger screen than most tablets. This benefits students who want more entertainment capability rather than portability. Apple’s iTunes Store also has a very large selection of applications, movies and songs to choose from.

On a more technical side, the ten hours of battery life and WiFi come as a bonus to students who are on-the-go.

Apple’s iPad can be a useful tool to have as a teenager, but comes at the cost of $800.

On the other end of the price range is Barnes & Nobles’ Nook Color. At a price of $250, the Nook Color is a popular tablet that appeals to the traveling type. Among tablets, it is one of the most affordable models out on the market.

It has a very speedy WiFi system and 8GB of onboard memory. It is primarily used to purchase and read download-able books. These features define the Nook as a tablet for everyone who goes on long trips or often visits place with WiFi.

The Samsung Galaxy tablet is another favorite of mine. It is a more affordable and a more portable tablet than the iPad, but is not as convenient as the Nook.

Its features include a seven-inch screen, two cameras (front and back) and a smaller shell meant for traveling. At a price of $600, the Galaxy tablet is one of the most competitive on the market because it puts the luxury of the iPad at an affordable price.

The tablet market is big and produces roughly thirty new models per year. I encourage students to explore the market for a tablet that suits their personal and financial needs.


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