Tabernacle offers free lunch to students


Starting on Thursday, January 27, the Youth Ministry at Tabernacle Baptist Church, or TBC, will be hosting weekly off-campus lunch get-togethers for LRHS students.

Some of the problems that students have to worry about when traveling off-campus are the costs of meals and the amount time it takes to get to a destination.

For example, many students enjoy going to Five Guys for lunch, but many find it expensive and far away compared to other restaurants in the Leesville area.

The TBC youth will be helping to remedy these problems by offering free lunch, a place to hang out and a variety of meals to students who can travel off-campus.

Many students are familiar with TBC because it is across Leesville Road.The youth house, however, is on the left of the main chapel and is not connected to the church.

Students should take the gravel path off of Leesville Road to get to the house.

“The Tabernacle youth house may be smaller than other youth headquarters, but this allows us to get to know each other really well,” said Jason Nance, a TBC youth member.

Dane Hadley, the youth minister at TBC, will be in the youth house from 10:30a.m. to 1:00p.m. every Thursday so that all lunch periods will be able to enjoy a free meal.

“We hope that by offering free lunch to students at Leesville we can introduce students to Tabernacle,” said Hadley, “as well as build authentic relationships with students.”

Hadley asks that students RSVP with him in at least a day in advance, so that he can know how much food to buy. Hadley is not limited to pizza every day, and he is willing to bring other foods to the youth house. In order to RSVP and request certain food, students should email Hadley at or call him at 252-626-8294.


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