Students compete in American Mathematics Contest

Students all across the nation participated in the annual American Mathematics Contest (AMC) B on February 24.  At Leesville, students either entered the AMC 10 or AMC 12.

The Mathematical Association of America holds a series of competitions every year to challenge students in mathematics as well as develop interest through fun and exciting contests.  Students who score well on the AMC earn a chance to compete in the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME).  Top competitors move on to the United States of America Math Olympiad (USAMO).

The AMC 10 covers topics from basic math to Algebra II concepts and is intended for students up to tenth grade.  The AMC 12 covers more difficult topics, including questions involving trigonometry.

Do Won Cha, a sophomore, took the AMC 12 and admitted that the test was slightly challenging.  “I thought the test was hard as crap.  I have zero chance of making the AIME.”

Daniel Taylor Harrison, a senior, also participated in the same test.  “I took the AMC 12.  I didn’t study, so I don’t think I did well.”

Harrison believes that the AMC has changed his views on mathematics.  “The contest was really exciting, and I’m glad I took it.  Now I think I will major in math, or at least a minor.”

Ingrid Chen, a sophomore, found out through the AMC 12 that mathematics spans many different subjects.  “Before I thought about math in general; I didn’t realize there was a lot of geometry involved.  I realized that I need to learn more about geometry especially.”

“I’m definitely going to study more geometry and probability topics,” said Chen, who hopes to compete better for next year.  “I hope that I will make it into the second round and that colleges will see my potential.”


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