Football coach David Green resigns


On Friday, January 28, after six successful seasons at Leesville Road, Coach David Green officially resigned as the school’s head football coach.

Coach Green first came to the Pride before the start of the 2005 season on the request of then-principal Dr. Stephen Gainey. “Dr. Gainey approached me while I was an assistant coach at Apex [High School]. He hadn’t found what he was looking for in a head coach at Leesville, and I was recommended to him,” said Green.

However, Green’s primary reason for taking the job was for someone else: his wife. “My wife was instrumental in urging me to take the job,” said Green. “She felt I needed a challenge.”

Ironically, six seasons later, the same force that once brought Green to Leesville is now the one taking him away. After his wife accepted a job offer in Randleman, Green had no other option but to move as well.

“My move is about family. I need to move for my family.”

After an initial 1-9 season, Green has led the pride to at least nine wins every year since. This season, the Pride managed to go 9-3 before falling to Middle Creek in the first round of the state playoffs, 41-40.

On his final play as the head coach at Leesville Road, Coach Green decided to go for the two-point conversion and the win after scoring a tying touchdown in overtime. When the handoff to Ryan Mangum, running back, stalled, Middle Creek claimed victory as David Green’s era at Leesville came to an unforgettable end.

In his time at Leesville, Coach Green worked his way to an impressive 53-24 overall record, but winning was never the only thing on the coach’s mind. Developing strong relationships with each one of his players was equally as important to Green as coming away with a “W” every Friday night.

Green said, “The thing that I will remember the longest and with the most happiness from here are the kids. I’ve worked with tremendous young men.”

Brandon Pittman, senior, echoed his coach’s feelings. “Coach Green was special,” said Pittman. “He honestly loved all of his players and only wanted the very best for them.”

Even after only one year with the varsity team, Braxton Berrios, freshman, felt the same way. Berrios said, “We’re all going to miss Coach Green. Of course he was a great coach and all, but more than that, he got to know everyone on a personal level, and he cared about us.”

As Coach Green enters his final semester with the Pride, neither he nor his team can forget everything he has done for the school during his time at Leesville. Aside from turning a struggling program into a perennial powerhouse, Green appreciated the school’s traditions and added to the culture here at Leesville.

“The Loonies, the Friday night atmosphere, the hall decorations, the way the student body and faculty and community is involved: It’s amazing. I have said countless times that Leesville is a special place, and it truly is.”


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