Pulling the plug

In my two years here at Leesville, I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve liked a guy. And, to my immense delight, some of these boys have also expressed an interest in me. Occasionally, after a period of time, it will happen that their affections will waver and the chances of a relationship suddenly diminish.

In talking to one of my girl friends, she admitted that she has also been through the same thing. We agreed, over a deep conversation on Facebook chat, that our potential beau seemed so into us and then in the next, it was over. And neither of us could figure out what changed.

This girl, who wishes to remain anonymous, relayed her most recent romantic endeavor to me. “I liked this guy and he liked me, and we were close to dating. Then all of a sudden, he texts me one day and was was like ‘Listen..I can’t do this anymore. The more we talk, the more I can’t picture us dating….I was about to ask you out last week, and then I realized that all of the feelings were gone, and I couldn’t picture us dating’.”

I decided to question Kordell Draper, sophomore and good friend, about the situation. Draper said, “One [thing that makes guys lose interest is] over possessive girls… if she’s a nonstop texter and always asks what a guy is doing. Or if his guy friends convince him that the girl is bad and that he’s on a leash.”

I passed this information on to my girl friend who rolled her eyes. “Why didn’t he just tell me? Why did he have to suddenly quit talking to me,” she wondered.

Draper had an answer to this. “To be honest, most guys are too stupid to realize what they are doing. But once the they drop a girl, they drop her hard to look like they were never attached. Another option is that they’re just [jerks] who do it on purpose.”

I have decided that either way, we girls must still  brave the waters of the dating pool if we ever hope to find a decent guy. And we must keep the thought in mind that just because one guy dropped us doesn’t mean that every other one will… hopefully. My girl friend smiled as I told her the usual “Cheer up, there are more fish in the sea.”

She agreed. “I guess I realize that everything happens for a reason, and even if you do wind up in this scenario, just think that if this one hadn’t dropped you, you wouldn’t find the next great guy who’d hold on to you for dear mercy.”


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