Men’s Varsity basketball “to turn things around”

On January 4, the Leesville men’s varsity basketball team lost their ninth game of their season, 53-62 to the Sanderson Spartans. With this loss, the Pride fall to 2-9 on the year, one of their worst seasons in recent memory.

Coach Roderic Brewington acknowledges that the team has struggled so far this year but hasn’t lost hope yet. “We’ve had a tough time up to this point, but with the new year we’re hoping to turn things around.”

Quinton Marshall, senior and co-captain, still believes that the Pride can be successful in the second half of the season. “I know that we’re getting better, and it’s going to show soon.”

Coach Brewington feels that the team has potential to be great but are still learning to work together. “There’s talent there. We have the pieces. Now what we need to improve on is playing as a team and playing to each others’ strengths.”

Will Bowers, senior, agrees. “The new guys fit in well and bring a lot to our squad,” said Bowers. “They’ve learned our style of play quickly. Now we all need is to get going as a unit and we’ll be unstoppable.”

Bowers also feels that even after the slow start, Coach Brewington can lead the boys down the stretch and into the playoffs. “Coach is always telling us how we need to be better, and we strive for that. He can be intense when he needs to, but it’s important that he knows how to joke around too.”

Even as a 2-9 team, the Pride still have faith in themselves and their coach. Marshall truly thinks the team has the ability and the desire to finish out the year on a high note.

“Those games, they’re in the past. Now we’ve got to focus on the rest of our games,” said Marshall. “We can still make the playoffs and go far. All we have to do is try our best, play as one team, and we will win.”


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