Dessert transforms into art at Yogurt Mountain


A new art store recently opened on Creedmoor Road, near Five Guys and A Cleaner World: Yogurt Mountain. Unlike typical art stores, however, the medium is frozen yogurt.

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the wonders of Yogurt Mountain. Immediately upon passing through the threshold, I froze, dumbfounded by its wondrous beauty.

The whole right wall is lined with dispensers, which appear similar to the soft serve machine at Golden Corral. The dispensers have three levers, and above the first and the third is a description of the flavor, illustrated by a picture. The middle lever combines the two yogurts on either side.

Along the left wall is a long row of toppings, ranging from breakfast cereals – such as Captain Crunch – to crushed candy bars – like Butterfingers and Andes Mints. On the Cold Bar are buckets of fruit, cookie dough, brownies, mini cinnamon buns, and mochi.

Of course, there is syrup, too. Chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, marshmallow, and raspberry are several of the flavors of sauces which can be pumped onto your edible masterpiece.

Yogurt Mountain allows its customers to be creative, and then to be rewarded. Pouring out the yogurt is like creating a sculpture, spiraling frozen goodness to perfection.

Once the canvas is properly prepared, the painting begins. With the wide variety of toppings provided, there are plenty of available complimenting tastes. There are Fruity Pebbles, a rainbow of colors to decorate Vanilla Bean or Wild Strawberry yogurt. Resses’ pieces garnish Cheesecake yogurt along with bits of Golden Grahams or graham crackers.

There are a variety of sauces to finish one’ masterpiece. Whether splashing a little bit of everything into the bowl or choosing just one, the syrups are a delicious option to finish it up.

The dessert is weighed on a scale to calculate the cost after construction. Payment is 45 cents per ounce, which includes the bowl, yogurt, and toppings. This method enables the consumer to pay for as much or as little as he/she desires.

Although a whole tub of Blue Bunny or Edy’s ice cream at any grocery store costs the same amount as a large cup of frozen yogurt; there is just something magical about Yogurt Mountain that makes it an easy choice for anybody looking for the best way to indulge.


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