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By this time of year, most seniors have found out or decided which university to attend.  These students have the luxury of finishing their high school years with less anxiety.  However, although becoming accepted to college may be the most grueling step towards starting school at a university, the period between acceptance and the end of high school should be used by seniors to complete the entrance process.

First, seniors should check to see if they can afford tuition and fees at their designated college.  Private loans, student aid and scholarships should be taken advantage of as soon as possible.  The Free Application for Student Aid form should also be completed at this time.  Most scholarship deadlines also end around spring and early summer, so seniors have to prioritize accordingly.

Having been accepted to a school, students should check to see which programs they will enter.  Usually an Honors College or a major-specific program requires additional forms to be turned in at a later deadline.

Universities will want their students to become more familiar with their school, so check to see if their are any major dates for orientations or campus tours.  Signing up and attending these events may help seniors to find their way around campus during the following school year.

Student housing paperwork should be taken care of as soon as possible.  The faster a student submits this form, the better the chance that he or she will receive the dormitory of his or her choice.  Seniors should try to be as detailed as possible when completing this form to have the best possibility of a good roommate match.

Seniors should also start planning to move in to their new dorms.  Contacting the future roommate is important to avoid bringing in too many items.  An average college dorm is 12’ by 19’, the equivalent of a prison cell, so both members of the room need to optimally utilize the space provided.  Having two television sets and more than one refrigerator might not be the greatest form of compartmentalization, so start to make lists of items to bring and share.

Upon acceptance, the relief of knowing which college to go to may feel liberating.  However, taking the small time to plan for the future will definitely help for the coming fall semester.


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