The Bucket List #4: Pride Athletics


During the four years at Leesville, many students choose to take part in a variety of activities, such as acting, being on a tech crew, clubs, or athletics.

Like many other Leesville students, I am an athlete, personally channeling my energy into playing softball. I find it important because it teaches me lessons on teamwork, leadership, and communication.

Alicia Servin, varsity softball player, agreed, “I learned to be a team player.  If you’re on a team you can’t do everything by yourself.  You have to learn to let other people do what they need to do to help out the team.  If you aren’t a team player, you just end up hurting the team.”

Through softball, I have increased my speaking skills and can explain my ideas with ease when talking to people.  Also, I have learned how to lead more effectively.  This learned leadership is helpful, even in non-sport situations, such as working on group project.

Playing sports teaches priceless wisdom and can carry over into personal life no matter how insignificant a task may seem.

These lessons are taught through the team’s family atmosphere.

“It is definitely a family atmosphere.  I remember last year, after the season was over, I missed seeing everyone after school every day.  We definitely had a good bond between us,” said Servin.

Leesville is known for their superior athletics. And the athletes on the fields are heroes amongst the student body.

Take for example, the varsity girl’s soccer first loss in 50 games last year. The entire school mourned with the team, and the day was unofficially dubbed, “Hug a Varsity Soccer Girl Day.”

Servin said, “You definitely should try out for a school sports team.  It’s a lot of fun.  Even though it is a lot of work, it is worth it in the end.”

Leesville students all want to be involved in something bigger than themselves.  Being on a sports team is the epitome of being involved in school.

The camaraderie formed by playing on a sports team is like none other.  Through sports, athletes not only grow closer to their peers, but they meet many new people who they may not have before playing a sport.  All in all, being on a sports team is a life-altering experience which everyone should have a chance to participate in before walking across the stage on graduation day.


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