Sprinter daters run wild


Every year, at least one Leesville student, male or female, is notorious for dating many people in their class for short periods of time. These people usually go on a couple of dates, but stay together just long enough to make it “Facebook official” before they pull the plug and move onto the next relationship. These people are referred to, by Urban Dictionary, as “Sprinter Daters.”  

These ‘sprinter daters’ are “[people] that start off dating at top speed before coming to a screeching halt.” Basically, they are people who refuse to commit.

In a world where long term relationships are highly sought-after by the average person, one must wonder why these ‘sprinter daters’ choose to not settle down.

According to an eHarmony article, “Despite dipping their toes into the dating pool, some [people] actually don’t want a [relationship]. Sure, [they] may enjoy the companionship and those other relationship benefits, but only as an adjunct to the rest of [their] life.”

When interviewed, a self-proclaimed ‘sprinter dater’ at Leesville said, “I just like the chase. Once I get to the actual relationship… I get bored. I don’t want to waste my time in high school tied down.”  

One freshman ‘sprinter dater’ agreed, “Relationships are complicated. It’s the flirting and the [talking] that I like… And yeah, I’ll date the poor guy for a month or two, but only until we have that first huge fight. After that, I’m out.”

But the victims of these ‘sprinter daters’ are not happy about being just another victim on the ‘sprinter dater’s’ long list. “It’s frustrating because [I] tried so hard for them to commit to me. And then… they didn’t. It sucks,” said one scorned victim.

One ‘sprinter dater’ explains,  “If a [person] wants me to settle down, I end it that much earlier. It’s not worth the battle; I’m only in it for the fun. So my advice? If people are looking for commitment, they should find someone who also wants that big of a relationship rather than try to change a person who just wants to have fun.”


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