Leesville’s Mainstage performs Alice in Wonderland


Leesville’s Honors theater class, Mainstage Theatrics, performed the classic children’s story, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, on stage Tuesday, Nov. 23 in the Leesville Auditorium. Erika Martin, senior, starred as Alice.

Mainstage performed the play, adapted to the stage by William Glennon, for Leesville Elementary, Sycamore Elementary and Leesville Middle School students during the school day on Nov. 23. Their final performance at 7:00 p.m. was for the general public.

“The general public was my favorite audience to perform for,” said Kristi Stout, senior, who played the Duchess, “because they understood more of the jokes whereas the kids liked more of the slapstick.”

Amidst the school’s fall production of Blithe Spirit and with only three weeks to put everything together, the production required all students to help.

All technical aspects of the production were put together by the Mainstage students. Each of the fifteen actors had a role in either choreography, costumes, hair, make-up, music, props, publicity or set, on top of their role in the play. They also received help from technical theater students, led by Ms. Jeannine Wrayno. Mrs. Lou Catania, Leesville’s drama teacher, was the show’s artistic director.

The scenery was sparse and the costumes appeared homemade. The Queen of Hearts, for example, wore a fluffy bathrobe with paper hearts taped to the front and a wedding veil. The Cheshire Cat wore a long, luxurious fur coat. Other characters wore extra-large clothing that appeared to have been stolen from their parents’ closets.

“There wasn’t a lot of set or props or scenery because the play is all about imagination,” said Stout. “We were like little kids playing dress-up.”

In doing this, the actors enabled the audience to fantasize about the impossible in their very own imaginary Wonderland, just like Alice.


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