Hockey team shows promise


Leesville Road High School offers a vast array of sports teams that effectively display the natural athleticism and skill of the student body. Although most students’ athletic interests are represented by the current selection of sports, some students showcase their athletic abilities away from school in club sports.  

Students from Leesville currently participate in the Raleigh Youth Hockey Association, a recreational hockey league. Currently, they compete against other high school club hockey teams from the surrounding area including Broughton, Wakefield, Green Hope, Millbrook, and many more. The team does not practice on a regular basis, but the fall season spans five months with one game every weekend.

The league holds the games at the Factory Ice House in Wake Forest and the Raleigh Ice Plex.

As of November 15, the Leesville club hockey team has experienced success with a current record of (6-0-0).

Andrew Williams, senior, predicted, “We’re not going to lose this season.”

One aspect of the team’s success is attributed to the migration of talented players leaving their travelling teams and joining club teams. Travelling teams are often more talented, and these migrations has lead to the recent rise of talent in club hockey, as more players represent their school instead of a disassociated travel team.

Williams, a former travel team player, is excited about the opportunity for leadership.

Tim Caruso, junior and member of the team, is hoping that the recent success will catch the eye of the adminstration and encourage integration of Leesville club hockey into the athletic program. “This year we made our own Leesville jerseys instead of just wearing the [rec] jerseys. I hope we have Varsity and Junior Varsity hockey in the next couple years.”

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