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Golden joins administrative staff

On November 15, Sherri Golden joined the ranks of the other administrators to fill the gap left by Germaine Jackson, who is leaving in December.

Golden will oversee discipline problems for students with last names beginning with S-Z.

Golden left Garner High School to join Leesville.  Prior to administrating at Garner, she taught English at Broughton, a job that she loved.

At Garner, Golden worked as a grant coordinator, helping to promote and enhance Garner’s magnet program.

Golden attended the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and received her Masters Degree in administration.

Despite this, Golden is a raging NC State fan, evident by the cherry-red jacket she was wearing during the interview, as well as the State memorabilia scattered throughout her office.

Golden has an extremely friendly, bubbly personality, and she truly wishes to help the students, which is reflected in her philosophy of high school.

“All students can learn, [they] just learn differently. I want to incorporate twenty-first century elements. I want to use things students care about to help them learn, which means using more technology like iPods in the classroom and thinking ahead into the future,” said Golden.

Golden is excited about the new experiences she will encounter at Leesville. Immediately, she noticed it is very different from other schools.

“This is the first place I’ve ever worked where people come up to me and and welcome me into the school and the community. Everyone is very polite and embracing; it’s refreshing,” Golden added.

It is evident that Golden will be an excellent, rejuvenating addition to Leesville Road High School.


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