Sports teams added to Homecoming parade


In addition to the plethora of floats, the 2010 Homecoming parade also included sports teams.

In the past, sports teams walked across the football field during the pep rally, but this year each fall sports team created a banner and walked in the parade.

The purpose of the new innovation to the parade was to increase community involvement.  Elementary school children and Leesville community members lined the parade route and cheered to team members.

Enthusiastic players high-fived the children and encouraged them to participate.

Connor Grant, a senior member of the Varsity Women’s Tennis team, especially enjoyed interacting with the elementary children.

“We were all clapping and having fun.  I think adding sports teams to the parade brought more excitement.”

Kodiak Dunsworth, freshman, enjoyed the encouragement of his peers.  A first year member of the cross country team, Dunsworth appreciated receiving recognition for his hard work.

“It was really cool when we walked by and everybody was cheering.”

Lane Hering, sophomore, was pleased with the increased incorporation of the student body.

“I didn’t actually walk in the parade; I was on the sophomore float.  Since I’m on Student Council, though, I know that not many people actually participate in making the floats.  It’s [the parade] not that inclusive, adding sports teams creates more participation,” said Hering.

Overall, athletes and students were satisfied with the new format of the parade.


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